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Annual Meeting Information

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The Assistant Secretary of Defense (HA), states that "... ongoing federal budget issues required the Military Departments and OSD to make a series of near-term financial decisions to reduce overall spending in the Department.  This includes severe restrictions on travel, limiting travel to only mission-critical activities."  The attached memos from the Secretary of the Army and Secretary of the Air Force also halt all non-mission essential travel to conferences until further notice.

It is with genuine regret that we (the SAFMLS Board) find that DoD Policy under "Sequestration" currently bars military personnel from traveling to or attending professional conferences except those deemed mission essential.  Since extreme funding and travel restrictions will continue, we find we have no alternative but to cancel the 2014 SAFMLS Annual Conference.

We deeply regret having to take this action and hope that SAFMLS will continue to thrive once these serious budget matters are resolve and we were on a more even footing.

Sincerely, Your SAFMLS Board

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